Territory: Bardolino and its surroundings
The character of a wine comes from its grapes, from a man's hand but especially from the territory.
Son of the eastern shore of Lake Garda in the Veneto region, the Bardolino wine has, as its lake, an outstanding personality comparable to the one of some prestigious Italian red wines.
The ground on which it is grown is touched by the waters of the lake on one side and by those of the Adige river on the other.

Wine and territory
Between wine and territory there is an indissoluble link. Considering that the grapes of Bardolino wine are the same of the Valpolicella ones, the former are gentler being grown on the Garda hills, whereas the latter are full-bodied being grown in the valleys upstream of Verona.
The organoleptic characteristics of Bardolino wine are the result of the territory's features first and then of the wine-making technique.


The Climate
The value of these areas is mainly due to their Mediterranean climate.
Indeed, around the lake, the weather conditions are particularly mild, characterized by a constant ventilation that allows the vine to grow in the best conditions, minimizing its health problems.

The land
The soils of these areas formed as a result of glaciation. There are two types of soil, red-brown and whitish, in both cases they are soils with alkaline reaction and are considered "poor" for their small amount of potassium and phosphorus, as well as poorly endowed with water retention: during the hottest months of summer, especially in some years, it is necessary to intervene with emergency irrigation to ensure proper ripening of the grapes.